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Factors to Consider in Selecting an Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp to Buy

Do you know a lot about your ultraviolet germicidal lamps? If what you have in mind right now is to buy a UV lightbulb, then you should be aware of the various kinds of bulbs and determine which among them would be right for your own set of necessities. It is good to note down at this point of time that there is no bulb type that is meant to fit to all users. Once you know what the different UV bulbs are and what they are meant to be used for, it will not be very difficult for you to make a right pick.

Factors to Consider in Selecting an Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp to Buy


The BLB is among the ultraviolet options the market has in store for you. This is the glow-in-the-dark type of bulb. It emits from 370-400nm of wavelengths. However, it can also be used for detecting forged bank notes and detecting stains in carpets for cleaning. This bulb may also be used for scorpion detection. More often than not, the BLB provides a purplish glow by reason of its extremely dark blue covering or filter. Usually, the BLB comes in the shape of a fluorescent tube although the market has always better and alternative designs made available.

The Germicidal Lamp

This kind of UV lamp offers the shortest wavelengths among various kinds of ultraviolet lamps. It gives off between 200-280nm. It is noted to be more harmful than the others because of this short wavelength. Therefore, you need to be all the more careful when handling this kind of bulb. The germicidal UV lamp targets and sees microorganisms which explains the reason why it is most of the times employed for disinfection as well as for water treatment. This UV lamp is also commonly utilized for food sanitation and sterilisation.

You do have a lot of choices to pick between if you have the desire to buy and invest on an ultraviolet lamp. But there are factors that go into buying a UV light successfully, so you may want to consider them before you do the actual buying process. For example, there would be a necessity on your part to gain knowledge on the various kinds of UV lights that are up for grabs in the market these days. The thing that you would have to do next is to gain knowledge and understanding of each of your options. And to be able to make the best and the right pick for a UV lamp, you need to check your own needs and requirements.

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